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  • Full Name: Maverick
  • Wingspan: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 190 Feathers
  • Hometown: Pensacola, FL


Fried RiverThings, Chocolate covered FireAntz, and IceBear-on-a-stick

T.V. Shows:
Anything on Animal Planet, all the hockey games I can find, nature shows (except for hunting shows, YIKES!)

Music Group:
The Eagles, Kenny Loggins (Who doesn’t love “Danger Zone”?)

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

Top Gun, Eagle Eye, Up, and Flight

Dancing to “Chelsea Dagger”, flying around the rink, and giving out high-fives

Dull skates, cheap shots, and frowning faces


Maverick was hatched in a little town called Nestingburg, where his love of hockey began at a young age. He loved hockey so much that he would fly into the top of hockey arenas all over the country just to watch games. Every year, Maverick’s family would fly south for the winter to Pensacola to escape the bitter cold weather of Nestingburg. In 2009, Maverick flew down to Pensacola and saw that the Pensacola Ice Flyers had just begun to take flight. Since he had been coming to Pensacola for so long and loved hockey so much, he thought it would be a perfect fit!

After being told that birds weren’t allowed on the roster, Maverick was crushed. He thought he would never be able to be around hockey like he wanted to, until the team called and asked Maverick to be the team’s mascot! From then on, he has been a part of the team. In his stint with the Ice Flyers, Maverick has recorded more than 32,500 hugs, 53,000 high-fives and 29,800 laughs. Maverick has two brothers and a sister named Earl, Ernie and Ester who visit him regularly in the offseason.

You can catch Maverick around The Hangar on game days dancing around, playing games and having a great time! If you would like to have Maverick at your next function, send an email to