Head Coach Rod Aldoff Prepares For Upcoming Season

Pensacola, FL (Aug. 11, 2021) – Three-time SPHL champion, head coach Rod Aldoff has spent the summer evaluating players and building his team for the upcoming season. Aldoff will return to the Ice Flyers for his seventh full season after navigating through COVID-19 protocols and sweeping the Knoxville Ice Bears and the regular season champions, the Macon Mayhem, during the 2021 President’s Cup playoffs.

“Everybody in Pensacola is obviously excited about us winning last season, we’re excited,” said Aldoff, “There’s definitely an energy coming into this season, but last season’s over and everyone starts at zero again from a hockey perspective on the ice. We have to take that step again and take that progress and take that process that it takes to win a championship.”

Aldoff values bringing players back that have experienced what it takes firsthand to win a championship in the SPHL.

“Returning players have gone through that process and understand it and that helps,” added Aldoff. “But if you have a lot of new players, you have to teach them that process and teach them what helps to win in our league and what has helped in the past.”

“At the end of the day, last year is last year and this team will have to write their own book.”

Building a new team each season is no easy task. There are many factors that come into play when evaluating talent. However, Coach Aldoff has simplified what he looks for in potential players.

“Good players and good people. Probably good people first, good players second. You obviously value their hockey talent, but they have to be good people.”

The Ice Flyers will announce the first signing of the 2021-22 season tomorrow, August 12.

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